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Is Your Refrigerator Not Getting Cold? See its Five Reasons

By October 19, 2022June 26th, 2024Repairing
refrigerator not getting cold?

In order to prevent your perishables from rotting, you need to take fast action to fix the refrigerator’s issues. One must ascertain what is wrong when the refrigerator not getting cold to address the problem. Therefore, here is the list of five reasons why your fridge isn’t chilling.

Reasons for a refrigerator not getting cold

Low thermostat temperature
Your refrigerator’s temperature may rise unexpectedly if the thermostat dial is too low. It might occur if you have small kids or careless house guests who mess with the thermostat, resulting in the refrigerator not getting cold.
People frequently find the thermostat numbers puzzling and regulate their thermostats in the wrong way as a result. Remember that the numbers represent the power level; thus, higher numbers will result in a colder refrigerator.

refrigerator not getting cold

Blocked vents and soiled condenser coils

Across a network of internal and external vents, the air temperature of your refrigerator is maintained. These vents must stay open to maintain a constant temperature.

Moreover, sometimes people can block the vents when keeping food inside the refrigerator.
Besides, a partially clogged vent is responsible to creates dirt, spilled food, or other debris.

So, it’s crucial to keep the vents as clean as possible. Otherwise, any obstruction can affect the interior temperature of your house.

The heat from inside the refrigerator is released through the condenser coil. The fridge will operate more vigorously to dissipate heat if the coils are unclean.

If your kitchen has a lot of dust or pet hair, you need to clean the condenser coil. Clean is necessary more frequently than once a year. A dirty coil could have an effect on performance, but you can clean it with a long brush or a vacuum.

It should be able to release heat effectively once more after being cleaned. All of this contributes to the problem of your refrigerator not getting cold.

Broken Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser fan motor draws air over the components to cool the condenser coils. It may need to be repaired for the refrigerator does not get cold.

On the other hand, your refrigerator can get overheated if it doesn’t have a working fan.
The condenser fan motor of the refrigerator is found behind or underneath the unit. There will probably be a need for professional repair if the fan motor has broken.


Failure of the evaporator fan motor

The number of evaporator fan motors in your refrigerator will depend on its model. If your appliance has just one fan, it will be in the freezer section.

The cold air from the evaporator coils is dispersed throughout the compartment by the evaporator fan motor. You can have a cold freezer but no chill in the refrigerator compartment if the fan motor isn’t working.

Damaged control boards
The main control board and the temperature control board are the two circuit boards used in a modern refrigerator.

Your refrigerator not getting cold could be caused by damage to either of these control boards. If you suspect a control board failure, soon contact a service technician.


The refrigerator is the star of your kitchen that helps to keep your food cool and fresh. It can be worrisome to discover that your fridge is not chilling properly.

It needs a thorough inspection to unveil the reasons for the refrigerator not getting cold. Any malfunctioning parts can be hard to repair and replace, so it is best to leave them in the hands of a competent expert.