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how to fix dryer spin issues

Dryer not spinning

What Causes Dryer Not Spinning and How to Resolve Spin Issues?

By Dryer repairing

Possible Reasons for Dryer Not Spinning

What to do if your dryer not spinning? The primary task is to fathom its root cause. It can be a simple problem or a complex one. Whatever the issue is, you should detect the underlying reason. Let us study the major causes of a non-spinning dryer and explore the best ways to fix them.

Dryer Not Receiving Power

Two circuit breakers are available on an electric dryer. One is used to operate the motor and spin the drum. The second one powers the heating element. If one of them trips, the dryer may turn hot but won’t spin.

Ensure that the dryer is plugged in. Also, check for a tripped GCFI outlet. Press the reset button on the outlet to know the condition. If the problem persists, look for tripped breakers on the electric panel. The misaligned switch must be flipped back over to solve the issue.

Worn Out Drum Rollers

Worn-out drum rollers do not often allow the drum to spin. You may also hear a bumping or screeching noise. The rollers are the ones that ensure the smooth spinning of the drum. When they get damaged, undesirable resistance overloads the motor to cause spinning issues.

The only solution available is to repair or replace the rollers or glides. Seek professional help to perform this task. Search for reliable dryer repair services in your area to address the problem efficiently.

Jammed Drum

If you find your dryer not spinning, check the drum for debris. Things such as socks, small clothing parts, or items like coins left in your pockets can get into the spaces on the outside of your drum.

Inspect the area between the dryer housing and drum and remove the trapped items. It helps you address issues related to a jammed drum.

Dirty Dryer Housing

Does a burning or musty smell emanate from your dryer? This situation occurs when dryer housing accumulates lint, debris, and other dirty substances. The crud buildup does not allow the motor to function smoothly. Eventually, it causes spinning issues.

Remove all impurities from the drum. An all-purpose cleaner can be useful to eliminate stains and other stubborn debris. You can also use a vacuum or leaf blower to fix this issue.

Broken Drive Belt or Pulley Assembly Causes the Dryer to Stop Spinning

Do you see your dryer not spinning? Look for a damaged or broken drive belt. Expect the same problem if damage occurs to the dryer pulley.

Other common issues that cause spinning problems include broken door latches or drive motors. Hire professional dryer repair services to replace the drive belt or pulley. These types of tasks demand specialized tools and professional skills.