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Five Star aims to repair your appliances on the same day. After all, we understand the hurdles one can face due to a sudden halt in work or just your home.

Even if your juicer breaks out early in the morning just before you leave for work, you can call us and get your juicer fixed. And for the same reason, we have maintained our record as the best Appliance Repair Expert in Florida for the last 25 years.

But, we could not hold the crown without our detailed appliance repair services and of course our skilled team. So, let us give you a glimpse of what our Appliance Repair Expert in Florida provides.


Five Star Same Day Appliance Repair Services In Florida

Five Star Same Day Appliance Repair has the best experts in the appliance repair team. Not just that, we have experts for each segment. So, when you ask for a dishwasher repair service, we send experts certified in fixing that particular machine. So, have a look at our appliance repair services in Florida.

Services from Best Appliance Repair Expert in Florida

Washing Machine Repair Services

Washing Machine Repair Services

With so many types of washing machines in the market, we can proudly claim that we can fix all categories of a washing machines. Irrespective of the model and conditions of the appliances, our team will get you the best solution.

We have the latest tools and technology for a close inspection, followed by the solution. In case your machine needs a replacement, we can get you the parts and fix them as well.

Dishwasher Repair Services

We have skilled technicians who understand the critical metrics of a dishwasher. So, when you ask us for a dishwasher repair service, we send you the best team with all the attest tools and instruments.

The team will do the needful, followed by monitoring the effect regularly. Also, we offer maintenance plans for safety and durability.

Dishwasher Repair Services
Freezer Repair Services

Freezer Repair Services

We also provide excellent refrigerator repair service. Not just residential, you can contact us for commercial storage or refrigerator repair services as well. In case of replacements, we can get you the parts and fix them all together with the service.

However, you can hire our experts separately for individual services too.

Oven Repair Services

If you have any problem with the gas supply or the oven, you can contact us through our given customer care number.

We have a separate gas oven repair team who not just fix your oven but offer maintenance services too.

We will check the gas supply thoroughly so that there is no space for leakage and mishaps.

Oven Repair Services

Dryer Repair Services

We have trained and experienced dryer repair experts, who can handle all types of dryers. Whether you need to replace the dryer or need to fix it, our team will provide you with the best solutions at affordable prices.

Just share your concern with our expert teams. They will give you the best solution for your dryer.

These are the most-sought services by our Appliance Repair Expert in Florida. Apart from that, if you have anything, contact us anytime. We are the one-stop solution for appliance repair in Florida. 

Our well-trained professionals use the latest tools to diagnose the problem your appliance has for free and fix that issue on the spot in a quick time. Don’t hesitate to call us for your appliance brand. Our appliance repair expert is here to help you in every possible way.

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  • Affordable price with top-notch quality.
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