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Washer Repair

Washer Repair

Washer Repair Guide: What to Do If Your Washer Refuses to Spin?

By Washer Repair

How to fix your washer if it won’t spin? Is it necessary to perform a washer repair to address this problem? Your washing machine drum spins while cleaning the clothes. Many different possibilities may interrupt the spinning cycle of a washing machine. We will explore the reasons for spin failure and how to fix these issues effectively.

Uneven Distribution of Wash Load

An unbalanced load of laundry often disturbs the spin cycle. When you open the drum, you may find everything clumped to one side. How to fix this issue? Do not add more than two heavy items like blankets or pet beds at a time. Further, spread these clothes instead of putting them into the machine in a ball.

Does the issue persist even after these steps? Call a washing machine repair service provider for an in-depth examination. First and foremost, do not overstuff your washer. Use the specified quantity mentioned by the manufacturer.

Damage to Drive Belt

A broken or damaged drive belt does not let the drum spin. However, the washer may agitate to make the sound. How to solve this issue? First, open the door and turn the drum using your hands. Does it turn without showing any resistance? Then, a damaged or broken drive belt could be a possible reason.

Before hiring a washer repair service, remove the back of the washer to check whether the belt stays on the pulley system. A fallen belt can be put back into place to address the problem. If the belt is broken or damaged, seek professional help to replace it with a new one.

Improper Drainage

Your washer won’t go into a spin cycle if there is a drainage issue. Check whether any amount of water stays in the drum. If the washer hasn’t drained completely, inspect the drain hose. Examine the pump filter as well. A bent, frozen, or clogged hose blocks the free water flow. Consequently, all the liquid stays in the tub.

Examine the drain hose and unclog it. Also, straighten the hose if it is bent. Don’t forget to drain the washer before detaching the hose. Sometimes, you may need to replace a damaged hose pump. Seek the help of a washing machine repair company to perform this task efficiently.

Too much or Low-Quality Detergent

Detergent overuse, a low-quality product, or soft water interrupts the spinning cycle. Consequently, the machine absorbs the excess foam in its drum. Further, the volume of suds may send a wrong message to the sensors that the laundry load is higher. Then, you cannot expect the washing machine to spin the drum at the required velocity.

You can fix this issue by choosing the most suitable detergent for your washer. The best option available is a top-quality detergent with low-foaming action. Also, use the right quantity to ensure smooth spinning.

Impaired Lid Switch

Check the lid switch for any faults or damage. You can find this switch under the lid. Ensure that it is working properly. An impaired lid switch won’t allow the washer to spin optimally.

How can you address this issue? If the switch doesn’t make good contact or is bent, try to bend it back into shape. Sometimes, you may need to hire a professional to replace the switch.

Technical or Mechanical Problems

Issues like motor damage do not let the appliance spin its drum smoothly. Hire a trusted washer repair provider to fix complex technical or mechanical issues. These problems should be rectified using sophisticated tools. Moreover, they demand professional expertise.